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About Me


My name is Marisa and I am an abstract artist. 


I have been drawing and creating  artwork my entire life.   I am orignally from East Hartford, Connecticut.  I graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of the Arts in 2008.  In 2011 I moved to Tampa, Florida, to  explore  all the  inspiration the Bay has to offer. I feel since the move that my artisitc style has evolved to reflect a free and fluid combination of line, space and color.  I love the sun, the ocean and its wildlife.


My Artistic career started at  young age by entering multiple art competitions and group  art shows.  I have sold my art thru private commissions and cafe-based art shows.   I have experience as a teaching artist and an artisic mentor. My other accomplishments include: Gallery show artist, Henna artist, Muralist, Illustrator, Face Painting and Artistic consulting. 


I primarily use mixed-media, which can include India Ink, Acrylic paint, Gold & Silver leaf, Canvas, Glass, Airbrush, etc.  I  enjoy taking my subject matter from personal human emotions and experiences. The majority of the figures of my work are either women or animals or both.  These  subjects are energies that most relatable and are fun to express. My creative process is usualy true to the moment and are drawn directly to the canvas.   My pieces are  completed in only a few sessions to ensure the emotion it entails  will remain fresh.


Thank  you for taking a look at my website.


Warm regards, 


Marisa Lee


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