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 Price list

Here are the pricing for any Henna related event. Any Henna event includes set up/ clean up and a table/station setup.


Henna is a fun way to have a get together or girls night in and experience body art without the commitment. Events, festivals and birthday parties are easy for us to schedule and accomodate.  


Each Level of design is catigorized in an individual binder to look through. Standard designs are priced depending on their size and anount of Henna needed. Please take a look at our "What Is Henna ?" page for more learning on what Henna is and its ingredients. 

Standard design pricing

Level 1 Design (basic)



Level 2 Design (intermediate)



 Level 3 Design (advanced)

$50.00++ depending on design size.











Group of 5-7 people (appx. 2 hours)



Group of 8-12 people (appx. 2.5 hours)



Group of 13 ++ people (appx. 3 hours)


Henna Party pricing
Event & festival pricing

 Event pricing is based on hours requested.


$85 first hour.


$50 each additional hour.


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